Tom Yum Kung fried rice

Super-Popular menu, Thai herb Tom yum with shrimp stir fried with rice. very delicious !

Deep-fried shrimp with Tamarind sauce

Sweet and Sour Thai tamarind sauce topping on Deep-fried crispy shrimp. with a plate of rice is a good choice !

Tom yum seafood

Spicy Tom yum soup (Thai soup with Lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaf, Galangal and more) with shrimp and squid. you can call "Tom Yum Talay"

BBQ seafood set

Combo set of BBQ seafood including Grilled fresh shrimp, Steamed squid and wing shell. You can choose what you want in the menu also

Stir-Fried Chicken with cashew nuts

Deep fried crispy chicken stir fry with cashew nuts and Thai dry chili. One of a popular menu of the bungalow you have to try it.

Thai Black pepper stir-fried crab

Thai style black pepper sauce made from garlic, black pepper, and onion stir fry with crab. So delicious !

American Fried rice

Thai chinese fried rice dish with American side ingredients like fried chicken, sausage, fried egg and ketchup.

Banana Pancake

Pancake with banana and honey. Most of our guests order it for breakfast or brunch, it's a good idea!

American Breakfast

the start-up for the day! two eggs, sausage, bread, and salad. Perfect !